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Complete O&M Services

Complete O&M Services

ECCOMEC has prepared many outage execution plans over the years. A typical outage plan includes the outage schedule, the recommended spare parts list, the list of critical spares required and the procedure for how inventory will be managed during the outage.

ECCOMEC offers complete outsourcing of operations and maintenance services and provides 24x7 operations and maintenance of power generation facilities

ECCOMEC implements O&M programs emphasizing worker health and safety, maximizing plant equipment reliability, availability, and performance

ECCOMEC manage major maintenance activities, such as routine and overhaul outage planning and execution

O&M Procedures & Training

Prepare customized operating procedures and implement plant-specific training programs at one or more plant sites

Maintenance Planning

Prepare preventative maintenance plans, schedules, and procedures, and then integrate them with predictive maintenance programs and MIS systems

Project Management

Provide experienced project management teams that have experience taking a project through the entire process including pre-commercial checkout, operation during startup, plant commissioning, and commercial operation

Instrumentation & Controls

Provide experienced I&C technicians capable of performing DCS software updates, modifying/updating existing DCS systems, and upgrading of older DCS systems with modern hardware Provide instrumentation calibration and checkout services

Plant Staffing

Hire plant personnel and assist with plant employee relations

ECCOMEC Benefits administration and compliance with laws and regulations, provides technical specialists and project management personnel through all phases of a project, including development, engineering, construction, commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance


ECCOMEC sets up processes for accounting and finance systems, such as purchasing and inventory control, payroll, accounting, and administrative training. Common accounting and finance systems can be setup for multiple plants for consistent financial reporting

ECCOMEC team understands what is important to our customers: Put the health and safety of employees as first priority, while also optimizing the economic return of the plant for the customer through excellence in O&M services.

Technical Support

ECCOMEC provides comprehensive technical and engineering services focused on maximizing efficiency at power plants.

ECCOMEC technical support services and site-specific training programs can train and qualify O&M employees, performance test plants of any fuel-type, and can review, improve and/or prepare O&M procedures for a single or multiple plant operation.

ECCOMEC technical services are available to assist clients from project concept, project development, engineering, construction, commissioning, and lifecycle O&M.

Start-up & Commissioning

The ECCOMEC team has worked on more than 30 plant start-ups and knows how to work closely with the construction management team and facility owner during every stage of the project. Our Start-Up and Commissioning team members are experienced in managing all phases of the startup and commissioning program, such as:

  • Start-up system scoping

Start-up and commissioning schedule development

System commissioning procedures and turnover packages

Start-up operations support

Developing commissioning manuals and planning

Commissioning punch list management

ECCOMEC experience will help the contractor and owner anticipate problems in advance so that there will be a smooth transition from construction to commercial operations, without schedule delays. Our goal is to ensure the project is built avoiding predictable cost overruns and schedule delays, while never losing focus on our commitment to safety and environmental compliance.

Operating Procedures Development

ECCOMEC can develop a comprehensive set of customized, site-specific O&M procedures incorporating OEM recommendations and industry best practices.

A typical set of procedures for commissioning and O&M operations will include operating modes such as:

Plant Startup

Normal Operations

Off-Design Operations

Emergency Operations

Plant Shutdown

Preventive Maintenance Planning

ECCOMEC offers our customers preventive maintenance planning tools that are integrated into a facility's Computerized Maintenance Management Support (CMMS) system.

 Using OEM data and the ECCOMEC team's long experience customized plans can be developed that will improve plant availability and reduce periods of forced outage while lowering the plant's overall O&M cost.
The ECCOMEC team can also implement and manage the CMMS system, including system installation and setup, conversion, upgrades, and training. ECCOMEC can also collect the necessary equipment data, identify preventive and predictive maintenance tasks, write site-specific maintenance procedures, and upload the final product into the plant's ERP system.

The ECCOMEC team has extensive experience with outage planning and support. The team is also experienced with equipment from all the major manufacturers, such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Vogt, Nooter -Eriksen, Alstom, GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce.

 ECCOMEC has prepared many outage execution plans over the years. A typical outage plan includes the outage schedule, the recommended spare parts list, the list of critical spares required and the procedure for how inventory will be managed during the outage.